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IT Girls in search for their SPARK - NinjaHub

IT Girls in search for their SPARK

Interested in building mobile applications? Join us for a day of creativity and learning! Developers, designers, and creators of all stripes are welcome. We want to share our enthusiasm for building apps in a low-stress, judgement-free environment. Everyone with an interest is welcome, regardless of skill level or experience.

Health Hackathon in Mostar: The Future of Health is Digital

Hackathon Challenge

Day #1

Task #1

Day #2


Why Paper Prototyping Matters


3 Tips for Preparing Better UX Documentation

Tools to Bridge the Gap Between Designers and Developers

Examples for inspiration

Mobile App and Website Wireframe Examples For Inspiration

Mobile Apps Design Patterns

How to

How to create an interactive prototype with InVision

How to create your first project in InVision

Rapid Prototyping iOS & Android Apps With Invision Tutorial

Stop Talking and Start Sketching: A Guide to Paper Prototyping

FREE video

Sketching & Paper Prototyping by Google short 7minutes video

Paper prototyping techniques — James Williamson

MIT App Inventor

App Inventor website

App Inventor 2 Workbook

Building your first app: HelloPurr

August 28, 2018

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